Gen psych ch 11 - This chapter was about psychological...

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This chapter was about psychological treatment. One thing I found interesting was how many views for treatment there were. Every psychological perspective had a different view on how to treat those with a psychological disorder. The psychodynamic perspective concentrates on treatment regarding changing the personality patterns on the individual. The cognitive- behavioral perspective concentrates on changing the individuals thoughts and behavior. The humanistic perspective concentrates on the individuals inner self. Personally, I normally follow the cognitive-behavioral perspective, and in treatment choices I am no different. I believe that if you can change a persons thought patterns and behavior patterns then you will be able to help that person to change. For instance if and individual has depressing thoughts and you are able to help change those thoughts into happy thoughts, and can change their behavior so they try to avoid those things that make them sad, then I believe their depression will either decrease dramatically or be gone all together. I know there are some psychological disorders that can not be solved by this approach,
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Gen psych ch 11 - This chapter was about psychological...

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