reaction essay - able to relate to the narrator of the...

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Relating to a story can help you have a better understanding of its deeper meaning. And the Soul Shall Dance , written by Wakako Yamauchi, was one of those stories that I was able to relate to. Yamauchi captures more than just the hardships the United States placed on the Japanese during World War II, she portrays what those hardships can lead to. In her short story, And the Soul Shall Dance, she demonstrates how alcohol can be devastating to a family that is already in the middle of hardship. Reading this story reminded me of my own experience with alcohol. Alcohol has various effects on different people. Some individuals become violent, such as Mr. Oka, while others exhibit carefree behaviors, like Mrs. Oka and a friend’s parent, who was close to me. A friend that was very close to me had a mother who drank obsessively. Because of this interaction my reaction to this piece of writing was unique. I have seen the effects of alcohol first hand and am
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Unformatted text preview: able to relate to the narrator of the story. Although the drinking did not directly surround me, it had made an impact in my life. Through my own experience and the influence of this short story, I have become aware of an issue that plagues America in today’s world. Although the alcohol may not have been the direct message the author had intended to give, it was clearly presented in a way that would warn others against its use. The author was able to slip the message into her story by demonstrating how it tore a family apart. Most people would disagree that alcohol can have this impact until they experience it firsthand. And the Soul Shall Dance is valuable in the fact that it demonstrates how life choices can affect not only the individual, but those around them as well. It may seem like a way to relieve stress, but the stress added onto others can be astronomical....
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reaction essay - able to relate to the narrator of the...

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