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gen sociology2 - 1) Discuss the different perspectives on...

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1) Discuss the different perspectives on race suggested in the online lecture: Does race matter? What are the consequences of holding various perspectives on policy, attitudes, or other interpretations of situations? Does race matter is one of the major questions asked in sociology. Race is socially constructed; therefore there are different perspectives on whether or not it is important in today’s society. There are four major perspectives on this question. They are created through the concepts of race as cultural, race as economic, race as political and race as artificial. The online lecture states that “Race as cultural perspective frames social relations as relations of differences in material and non-material culture.” This perspective focuses on racism based on culture instead of your actual heritage. The Race as cultural perspective believes that race is ethnicity. This perspective agrees with segregation and feels that it may be good in certain situations, even though it is objectionable in others. This perspective does not care about the consequences of racial segregation, it just acknowledges the fact that it exists. An example of this used in the lecture was a town that was predominantly of one culture. They would all be able to relate to each other because they would have the same language, celebrations and customs. The race as economic bases its perspective on the socio-economic classes. It is stated in the online lecture that “Race as an economic perspective studies social structural patterns of residential segregation, job opportunities or occupational stratification.” This perspective believes that racism is structured through the same institutions that created racial inequality. It focuses on resource distribution and employment opportunities based on race. An example of this is the unequal wages between those of different races. It is often said that the white man is still paid more than a black man doing the same job, even though it is against the law.
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gen sociology2 - 1) Discuss the different perspectives on...

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