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gen psych ch9 - points out that almost all animals are...

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This chapter is based on Intrapersonal processes. A topic they discuss in this chapter is the root of violence. There has been a large controversy whether violence is inherited through biology or evolution, or whether it is learned through environment and external events. I agree with the instinctual perspective. I believe that violence is learned through instinct. If you look into the past of human existence there is violence shown since the early ages of time. Nations were fighting other nations and wars were started. It is basic instinct for humans to defend what they believe is theirs. I have witnessed my niece push her sister when she was 2 years old and they were both going for the same toy. At that time my sister was so anxious about violence that she never let them watch any cartoon or movie with and form of violence in it. Although this is a trivial form of violence, it still happened without her viewing it from someone else. Other perspectives point out other reasons for violence. The evolutionary perspective
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Unformatted text preview: points out that almost all animals are aggressive and violent. They attack members of their own species and of other species. They believe that violence has evolved to be a form of survival and reproduction. Most female species will look for the man that is strong and overpowers the other males. Therefore a male looks to be violent and overpowering in order to be appeasing to the female. In conclusion, there are many different views on why violence is a part of human nature. I discussed the views of the instinctual and evolutionary perspectives because those are the two that I most agree with. There are still the perspectives that violence is a learned behavior. Although that may be correct, it is not a view that I agree with. There is no proven reason why violence exists, therefore it is up to the individual to decide their view on the subject based on past evidence....
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