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gen sociology3 - 1) "The impulse to seek the...

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1) “The impulse to seek the collective good and personal well-being is what underlies social movements.” Please explain. Many people disagreed with this quote. But I do not feel that they truly looked into it. They point out movements such as communism. This quote does not state that the movement necessarily has to be a good thing; it just has to happen because individuals seek “the collective good and personal well-being.” The idea of communism was in hopes of a way to improve the collective good of society. Social movements are important in order to change society. I believe that many social movements will better society if they are able to generate change. One social movement that I look towards is the women’s rights movement. Even though it seems like the woman’s rights movement is nonexistent, it still is largely in effect today and there is still change that needs to occur. Women may have equal rights as men, but they are portrayed as the weaker part of society. Women are not treated the same in certain jobs, and our country is still grounded by the past of men dominating. When you look at the money we handle every day you will notice that on all the bills there are white, males. That is part of the way it is shown that although the United States accepts diversity they do not treat the diverse as equal. This is an issue that many dominates the two major social movements the United States
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gen sociology3 - 1) "The impulse to seek the...

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