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five questions 8 - purse James Madison(Beschloss 23 4 What...

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Armando Calderon Five Questions WBIS 188-022 March 11, 2008 Niesen Questions for Presidential Courage 1. Who negotiated the treaty that made demands many found humiliating? John Jay (Beschloss 1) 2. Who did Washington ask to be the Attorney General in 1789? Edmund Randolph (Beschloss 14) 3. Who complained that Jay’s Treaty was like a Highwayman with a pistol demanding the
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Unformatted text preview: purse? James Madison (Beschloss 23) 4. What was recognized as the Political Christmas? Washingtons Birthday (Beschloss 25) 5. When was John Adams elected President? November of 1796 (Beschloss 32)...
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