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Chapter 6 study questions 1. Be able to describe briefly the accomplishments of the end of infancy in terms of Piaget’s two substages (tertiary circular reactions and beginnings of representation), object permanence, problem-solving 2. Be able to describe one study that demonstrates whether infants imitate intended actions even if they are not completed. 3. What is the significance of the shrinking room experiment? 4. Is there a relationship between language and play and language and problem solving? If so, describe it briefly. 5. Know the types of attachment
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Unformatted text preview: 6. Know the basic format of the strange situation . 7. Know what the potential causes of attachment problems are. 8. How does culture, in part, determine attachment patterns? 9. Attachment is related to what in later life? 10. If the attachment literature is correct, what kinds of policy decisions would those findings affect? 11. How do we measure whether a child has a sense of self? What emotions come into play when he/she does? 12. What do we mean when we say that child has acquired “standards”? How do we know?...
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