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Five Questions 10 - 3 In October 1798 Adams invited Gerry...

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Armando Calderon Five Questions WBIS 188-022 March 15, 2008 Niesen Questions for Presidential Courage, Chapters 5-8 1. What did John Adams once called General Washington? Old Muttonhead (Beschloss 34) 2. How many men did Hamilton want, to fight the “TYRANTS of France”? 50,000 (Beschloss 42)
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Unformatted text preview: 3. In October 1798, Adams invited Gerry to meet him somewhere. What was the name of this place? Peacefield (Beschloss 48) 4. Who did Adams send to Paris? William Vans Murray (Beschloss 50) 5. When did the U.S. and France declare peace? 1800 (Beschloss 60)...
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