Review 1 - Chapter 1 • General o Consumer Behavior the...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 1 • General o Consumer Behavior- the study of how a person buys products; reflects the totality of consumers decisions with respect to the acquisition, consumption and disposition of goods, services, activities, and ideas by decision making units over time Offering- The product, good, or service that is being sold o Acquisition- ways of obtaining products and services, shopping o Usage- the very core of consumer behavior, o Disposing- how consumers get rid of an offering the previously acquired • Ways to acquire/use/dispose of an offering o Acquiring Buying bartering Trading Gift Giving Renting/leasing Finding Theft Borrowing o Using- used in every way possible, some good some bad o Disposing- New use Getting rid temporarily- renting or lending Permanent- throwing it away • Factors of consumer behavior- four main domains o Psychological core- some source of knowledge to base opinion Motivation, ability, and opportunity Exposure, attention and perception Categorizing and comprehending Forming and changing attitudes Memory retrieval o Process of making decisions- 4 stages Problem recognition - realize an unfulfilled need Search for information- search how to fill problem Making judgments and decisions- high effort- lots of time Post decision evaluation- evaluating the decision o Consumers culture- the typical behavior that characterize a group of people Diversity influences Social class Values and lifestyles Reference groups- people whose values are shared and whose opinions are values o Consumers behavior outcomes- o Symbols- the external signs we use o Behaviors diffuse through a market- spreading of choice through market • Marketing Managers o Marketing- marketing is an organizational function and a set of processes for creating and delivering value to customers and for managing customer relations in ways that benefit the organization and its stake holders Chapter 2 • Consumer behavior research methods o Surveys- a written instrument that asks consumers to respond to a predetermined set of research questions Use the census bureau for information o Focus Groups- a form of in-depth interview involving 8-12 people; a moderator leads the group and asks participants to discuss a product concept or other idea Customer advisory boards- a small group that represents a sample o Interviews-direct contact with consumers, More often appropriate when information is sensitive More in-depth than surveys, can note nonverbal communication o Storytelling- consumers tell researchers stories about their experiences with a product o Photography and pictures- show pictures of past experiences to help consumers remember experiences they have had o Experiments- Independent variable- the group that is identical in all respects except the treatment o Field experiment- real world experiments conducted outside a lab Market test- a study in which the effectiveness of one or more elements...
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Review 1 - Chapter 1 • General o Consumer Behavior the...

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