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Armando Calderon Five Questions WBIS 188-022 February 11, 2008 Niesen Questions for Life’s a Campaign, Chapters 10-15 1. Mathews and Senator Miller got into a bout that was all over the media and cranked up the ratings for Hardball . What did Mathews call that September night? My own personal “Miracle on 34 th Street” (Matthews 82) 2. Name one of the two dangers that Machiavelli used to warn the princes about. Flattery OR Humiliation (Matthews 90)
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Unformatted text preview: 3. What did the 12 year-old kid do at the campaign rally for Arnold Schwarzenegger? He reached out and touched the bus before it pulled out. (Matthews 103) 4. What’s the name of the trick Matthews picked when having a snappy response or clever thought? Ten Second Rule (Matthews 113) 5. Which newspaper put on their front page, “Is the Oldest U.S. President Now Showing His Age?”? The Wall Street Journal (Matthews 123)...
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