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Andrew MacKenzie January 10, 2008 SOC 002 Dr. Jones Reading Response #1 I thought that “Invitation to Sociology” by Peter Berger was written in a very unique way. It is almost as if it was written as a sales pitch, in order to convince the reader to study Sociology. I think that there is a connection with this and advertisements in general. Advertisements are designed at the basest level to grab someone’s attention, and get them interested. Seeing as this article is an “invitation”, its purpose is to draw you into sociology as a field. This article is, basically, an advertisement for potential sociologists. That being said, I found the article pretty interesting. I liked how it not only described what sociology is, but also what kind of people are drawn to it. It makes it very clear what “type” of person makes a good sociologist, and what makes a bad sociologist. For some reason, the entire time I was reading the article, I was getting the feeling that it was written in the 50’s or 60’s, and was directed towards high school students. I’m not
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