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September 13 - about the effects of it before his death •...

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September 13, 2007 Socrates (Athens, 470 – 399 BC) Greatly influenced by woman named Aspasia – referred to her as his teacher Was brought to trial for 3 charges o Corrupting youth o Denying Greek gods o Attempting to establish new gods The real reason seems to be that he made enemies by criticizing powerful Athenian political figures He was sentenced to die, as he would not compromise on any points At age 70, drank the hemlock poison and walked around making observations
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Unformatted text preview: about the effects of it before his death • Sophist – teachers of philosophy and rhetoric • Protagoras – first of the Sophists – individual perception is the source of knowledge • Socrates accepted some things accomplished by the sophists but had an issue with this o He believed that knowledge is obtained through analysis of concepts o Emphasized the power of reason – believed we can find truth through rational process o...
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