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Andrew MacKenzie ANT 003 March 14, 2008 Ethical Problems in Archaeology 1. Why is Indiana Jones acting unethically in the first scene of Raiders of the Lost Ark ? - He is acting unethically because he is going into the temple for the sole purpose of stealing the idol, rather than any kind of scientific study. The temple is not handled in any kind of proper archaeological manner; he just busts in and steals the idol. Another possible unethical situation is how he interacts with the native tribe. In all likelihood, the temple was the property of the tribe, as well as the idol. True, they were trying to kill Jones, but he did steal their idol. 2. What might real South American archaeologist have studied in the idol’s temple? -I real South American archaeologist would have studied the temple to gain information about the people’s culture. So he would look at the architecture, other artifacts, and any culture history he would be able to obtain. 3. What is young Indiana Jones so upset about in the first scene of
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Unformatted text preview: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade ?- He is upset because the men are looting the cave. They are taking artifacts to be sold to private collectors, instead of being donated to a museum for further study. Although Jones later loots sites, such as the temple, they are for historical/scientific purposes rather than for profit. 4. How might a real Great Basin archaeologist undertaken research in this cave in Utah?- A Great Basin archaeologist would have simply taken the usual measures/steps in the excavation of a cave. Any artifacts found would not be kept or otherwise dealt with personally. When the archaeologists find artifacts, it is up to the discretion of whoever is funding the dig. The archaeologists main job would probably be to find out what purpose artifacts have, why theyre there, and how they got there. Other examples of archaeologists in the media are: Laura Croft in Tomb Raider, The Mummy , and The 5 th Element , to a certain extent....
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