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There are no children here

There are no children here - Samantha Baron FAD 3271...

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Samantha Baron FAD 3271 November 6, 2007 “There are No Children Here” Assignment 1. Describe the relationship that Pharoah has with the natural environment and the feelings that he gets and what memories it brings back to him when he visits the railroad tracks with his brother. Pharoah seems to have a positive relationship with visiting the railroad tracks and the feelings that it gives him. It is a place that is close to home for him and a place where he feels he can escape to. The railroad tracks also bring back memories of his friend William who was accidentally shot with a gun that was believed to be unloaded. The book describes Pharoah crouching in the weeds as the train whisks by and he gets lost in his thoughts and doesn’t want to leave the railroads with the smell of flowers and a diving sparrow in the sky. It is obvious that Pharaoh see’s this place as a safe haven, and a place where he can escape and unravel his thoughts. I think it is important for people to have a place where they feel like they can let go and appreciate their surroundings and unwind from the troubles of life that occur day to day. Although this is seen as a healthy getaway for Pharoah, the railroad tracks can be dangerous, especially at night. Unfortunately danger zones are a hard thing for these kids to escape because it seems like pretty much everywhere in the Chicago suburb that they are from is dangerous or hazardous in some way or form. Other than describing the feelings that Pharoah experiences when he visits
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the railroad tracks but it also represents the kind of impressionable child that Pharoah is. He is very vulnerable to the smell of flowers and the environment that surrounds him. 2. Describe what the Microsystems is like in relation to how poverty and gang warfare affect the residents of Henry Horner. The Henry Horner Homes, which are also referred to as “the projects” in the group or as Pharoah describes them, “the graveyard” is a very run down community that has absolutely no structure to it. There isn’t even an enclosed lobby to the building and the first floor mailboxes have all been broken into. Residents have to carry flashlights since there is little to none outside lighting. This is a very unsafe place for the Rivers family to live and LaJoe has to deal with so many stressful events that take place in order to keep her family safe. Lafeyette has taken the position as the father figure in the house since their father is only home sporadically and he has to deal with looking over his brothers and sisters which is very difficult in a residency like this one. The neighborhood has become very stressful to LaJoe and she is having troubles caring for everyone, but she is a strong lady and does the best that she can. She has been around for awhile and has seen the neighborhood go from bad to worse to horrible. Since the businesses moved to the suburbs and the city lost majority of its manufacturing jobs the neighborhood as become a “black hole.” No banks, public libraries, movie theaters, skating rinks, or
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There are no children here - Samantha Baron FAD 3271...

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