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Family Distress Video

Family Distress Video - Samantha Baron FAD 3432 Family...

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Samantha Baron FAD 3432 April 14, 2008 Family Distress Video In the movie, The Other Sister, Carla Tate, played by famous actress Juliette Lewis, plays a mentally disabled girl. Growing up Carla got sent away to school for mentally disabled children, and now she has returned to her rich home to her family. Carla’s family consists of a mother who is know as being a “rich busybody,” a lesbian sister, a sister who is about to be married, a longtime live-in maid, and a loving father. This family provides many examples that deal with the Family Distress Model which portray their experiences, and how they move toward specific goals and how they contend with upsetting events. “Family Stable Patterns” are the predictable patterns a family develops with one another and with outsiders. Since the beginning of the movie shows Carla flying back to her home, she is being brought into Family Stable Patterns that have already been set while she was away for disabled school. Carla feels uncomfortable at first because she is brought into a home where everything feels new and no patterns have been set. Carla and the family now have to develop new patterns that go with Carla. Now that Carla has been brought back into the home priorities have to be switch around for the family and must accommodate Carla as best as they can, which make it even harder because she has special needs. Later on in the movie Carla wants to move out and start her own life, so she will start to develop her own daily routines, roles, and rituals that promote stability into her life.
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“Pattern Disrupted and Family Experiences Distress (Problem)” is described as distress that occurs anytime there is a disruption in the patterns that the family believes are the normal and preferable way of living. For Carla, when she enters her home after
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Family Distress Video - Samantha Baron FAD 3432 Family...

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