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Parenthood movie paper

Parenthood movie paper - Samantha Baron FAD 3217 Family...

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Samantha Baron FAD 3217 Family Ecosystem Worksheet-“Parenthood” 1. My first example of a family that gives an example of the Family Project Process would be with Gil Buckman and his struggles to be the top gun at work and still staying loyal to his family. Gil is the type of man who is really ambitious and wants to be a renaissance type man and not follow in his fathers shoes who was just a regular guy. Gil struggles to realize that it is very hard to be amazing at both of those things and that he needs to just work with what he has. Helen also passes down her lack of picking a genuinely good male companion. Ed the man she married is off with another family, as a Dr. and acts as if he never even had a first marriage with two kids, basically be a huge jerk. It seems as though Julie is finding problems of her own picking good guys and might be suffering with “dead beat dad syndrome” which is falling in love with a guy, even if he isn’t anything that great but fills that gap she is missing from not having a father male figure in the house growing up. Helen is trying really hard for Julie to not make the same mistake she did but it seems as if she might be a little too overprotected. 2. Frank Buckman is the type of man who sets boundaries for his children and thinks of himself as someone who isn’t considered a softie but in actuality really is. For example him giving money to his son Larry for who knows what, most likely something not good what so ever. I’m sure the typical boundaries Frank sets for himself is definitely surpassed here. That is an example of permeability. Marilyn also watches over everyone and would consider herself a pretty good mom, she probably would think that she would never let her son get away with treating Kool the way that he does and basically just hands him over to Marilyn. Marilyn feels bad for the kid and even though she knows it isn’t right to let Larry get away with how he’s acting she knows there is nothing she can really do at this point so she just lets it happen. Helen definitely sets boundaries for her daughter Julie but then we she sees Julie all upset, crying, and being dropped off by the cops she can’t help but to feel bad for her and pretty much rid her from all of her mistakes like everything is ok, even though she would never in her right mind let the things slip that she did. I’m sure she had set boundaries of not allowing Tod to live in the
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