External Family Stressor

External Family Stressor - explain to children the dangers...

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Samantha Baron FAD 3432 External Family Stressor External Family Stressor can be described as an event that occurs outside of the family that causes stress, for instance a hurricane, earthquake, terrorist attack, and so on. Since hurricanes are so prominent in the state of Florida, I chose that as my external family stressor to focus more in depth on, and ways to assist a family who is dealing with a hurricane. Hurricanes are extremely stressful because they can do an immense damage to ones home. The website discusses 4 steps that are important in preparing yourself or a family to deal with a hurricane and have as much safety as possible. The first step is to understand what could happen in the event of a hurricane, such as being aware of your surroundings and making sure you aren’t in an area where there could be a hazardous chemical spill. Some communities even have disaster plans for events such as a hurricane. The second step is to create an emergency/disaster plan. It is imperative to
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Unformatted text preview: explain to children the dangers of a hurricane and ways that they can help share the responsibilities and work as a team. Step 3 is to have a prepared checklist. Keep handy a list of all the emergency contacts and especially teach children how to call these numbers. Know where are the proper utilities are in the house if one of them may need to be used. The last step is to maintain your plan. To make sure everyone in the family is aware of the plan tips for remembering are creating a quiz and review the plan every 6 months to keep tabs on what the family remembers. A family disaster such as a hurricane can really do a number on a family, but by following the steps given this can create more of a stress free environment to prepare the family for a hurricane so they can better assess the situation. Website: http://www.cffc.navy.mil/disaster_planning.htm...
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External Family Stressor - explain to children the dangers...

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