interview - Sinclair 1 Jeremy Sinclair Mr Fort Tuesday...

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Sinclair 1 Jeremy Sinclair 3/20/08 Mr. Fort Tuesday, Thursday 3:30-5pm The great Depression The Great Depression was a time during are countries history that Americans were tested on their core values. It tested the American people on hard work, perseverance, loyalty, and faith. Many people went from being extremely wealthy to dirt poor in almost 24 hours. Some people had to leave their mansions and live on the streets, searching for food and water, not knowing what the next day would bring. The Great Depression seemed so far away to me and meant nothing until I interviewed my Grandmother and heard what she had to say about her experience. It soon went from being a chapter in a book to something that I felt deep in my heart. My Grandmother went threw almost every experience she had during the Great depression and the emotions she felt during those tragic years. She explained it so vividly and with every detail that I felt as if I was there. My grandmother said it as if the Great Depression was yesterday because it made such an impact on her life. The Great Depression almost tore my family apart and came close to tearing a whole nation into pieces. According to my grandmother hard work was one of the most important keys to getting out of the depression. People went from working in suite and tie in the stock market to sweeping
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interview - Sinclair 1 Jeremy Sinclair Mr Fort Tuesday...

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