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Franklin Roosevelt - Sinclair 1 Franklin Roosevelt...

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Sinclair 1 Franklin Roosevelt President Franklin Roosevelt was born in Hyde Park, New York on January 30, 1882 into the same wealthy and prosperous family as Theodore Roosevelt. In 1905 Franklin married to his cousin Anna Eleanor Roosevelt, also a Democrat, they had six children but only fived survived infancy. He was destined to become a great politician. (FDR Library Marist) As expected he got elected into the New York State Senate in the Democratic Party drifting off the path of his former relatives being Republican. He then became the Assistant Secretary of the Navy in 1913 a position held until 1920. In 1920 Franklin Roosevelt attempted to run for vice President running with James M. Cox but they lost to President Warren Harding. After the lose Mr. Roosevelt went back to his private life and vacationing in Campobello Island, New Brunswick. While on vacation he was diagnosed with poliomyelitis, and even with his strong efforts he never fully regained control of his legs again. In later years he spent much time
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Franklin Roosevelt - Sinclair 1 Franklin Roosevelt...

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