Groundwater - i) Def: locations where H 2 O table interests...

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Groundwater April 21, 2008 I. Hydrologic Cycle II. Rocks and Ground Water a) Porosity i) Percentage of totally volume of rock consisting of voids (space). b) Permeability i) The ability of a rock to transmit fluid. ii) Varies with (1) Viscosity of fluid (H 2 O vs. Oil) (2) Size of openings (3) Degree of interconnection. c) Speed of ground water i) Darcy’s Law (1) Q = discharge A = x-sec area k = coefficient of permeability h= length l = length Q/A = k*(h/l) III. Aquifer a) Layer of rock with good permeability b) Unconfined aquifer i) Zone of aeration (1) Pore space contains air and water ii) Zone of saturation (1) Pore space contains water only. c) Confined water table i) Aquifer is trapped between 2 aquicludes/aquitardes. (1) Aquiclude/Aquitarde
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(a) Impermeable layer of rock that surrounds an aquifer. IV. Discharge a) Spring/seeps
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Unformatted text preview: i) Def: locations where H 2 O table interests earths surface. b) Well i) Hole put down into zone of saturation. ii) Cone of depression (1) Lowering of water level next to well cone. (2) Forms because recharge rate is less than withrdraw rate c) Geysers i) Outflow of hot water and steam from the ground. ii) Conditions needed (1) Body of hot rock relatively close to surface (2) Irregular fractures to surface (3) Large constant supple of H 2 O V. Deposition of groundwater material. a) Geyser deposits i) Travertine (1) [building stone (limestone) for tiles] ii) Geyserite b) Clastic Cement i) Holds SS and conglomerate together c) Dripstone i) Stalactites (1) Hang from ceiling. ii) Stalagmites (1) Build up from ground iii)...
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Groundwater - i) Def: locations where H 2 O table interests...

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