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The Original Position

The Original Position - The Original Position When John...

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The Original Position When John Rawls revealed his ideas on the fairness of justice in his book Justice as Fairness , he developed a theory of six fundamental ideas all based on his conception of how justice should be portrayed in order for it to be equally fair for all of society. He begins with the idea that society should have a fair system of cooperation, but in order to have successful cooperation in a society one must define the terms of “cooperation”. Who decides these terms? God and his linking morals and values? Society and their beliefs on what is and is not fair? After determining that, indeed, there did need to be some sort of cooperation between people in order to have fair justice in a society, Rawls just needed to clarify the terms that were necessary, and so he did. Out of those six ideas (first beginning with the concept of society as a fair system of cooperation) he then listed one and labeled it as “The Original Position”.
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