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Impact Testing Lab - Impact Testing Lab EMA3012C...

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Impact Testing Lab EMA3012C January 30, 2008 Jean-Claude Le
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Abstract To better understand the process of impact testing, a member was tested using specific equipment. The Izod test was performed three times to test the strength of a particular material of set size and characteristics. The sample thickness of the sample used was 1/8 inch and 75 mm in length. A notch was made 20 mm from the top of the sample. Introduction Several methods can be used to test the impact resistance of different materials. Using particular tools under controlled environments, impact tests allow engineers or designers to compare relative impact resistance. Collecting resulting data from these tests, material selection and quality control is simplified. The Izod impact test is a commonly used test to determine strength. A figure of an Izod testing apparatus is shown in Figure 1. Figure 1: Izod Testing Apparatus The procedure involves a pendulum swing on a track. A notched sample is clamped securely in the path of the pendulum with the notched side facing the point of impact.
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