the place of race in your life essay

the place of race in your life essay - Mary McAfee...

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Mary McAfee “The Place of Race in Your Life” Who am I? This question could be answered in so many different fashions. I am a young college student; I am a pessimist; I am an unorganized upstate New Yorker; I am a blond hockey enthusiast. Notice that none if these answers have anything to do with race, because I feel that the answer of “white” does not follow the question of “who am I?” I conclude that a more appropriate question for this answer would be “what am I?” This question seems more fitting because in my mind who I am today has little to do with race, as well as gender or class. These are merely categories of which many place themselves and I think that categories like these can be constricting and blinding of what is truly important in life. However, I do see the importance of identifying the impact of race and racism on others and what experiences shape ones own personal views on race. I admit that I was not always this nonchalant about skin color. I try to be an honest person, and in fulfilling that goal I must confess that the town that I grew up in was very small and to be blunt, very white. There was only one black family in my neighborhood and probably less than ten black students in my high school. Never the less, I will proclaim that I grew up with friends who were diversified in other ways. Some simply played on different types of sports teams, others acted in plays. On a grander scale, some were of different faiths than myself. But I am not trying to defend the diversity of my hometown. I am more than ready to declare that this place created a bubble for all who lived in it, a shelter from all things different than the norm. This is not the place where I experienced new types of people and ideals. It’s fascinating to think
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the place of race in your life essay - Mary McAfee...

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