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Andrews 1 Scott Andrews Mr. O’Shea Essay 1 1/23/2008 Shrek: The 21 st Century Fairy Tale There’s no doubt that when children hear the four cliché words “One upon a time”, thoughts of a fairy tale flood their mind. Many of these fairy tales have been told over generations and have a simple classic theme of a prince or princess that is saved with a happy ending. These old fairy tales directly correlate with the simplicity of the older society. As society has changed in the 21 st century, fairy tales are no longer looked at as great stories anymore but instead are looked at as repetitive and redundant. The movie Shrek released in 2001 dared to take a twist and show how fairy tales are truly portrayed in modern society. The story Shrek reverses the ideals and social commentary originally portrayed of characters in fairy tales. It reintroduces reality to young viewers who previously had picked up on social commentary from other fairy tales. Shrek accomplishes this by poking fun at the story line of other fairy tales and shows how the view of the fairy tale has changed along with society. While in most fairy tales, the characters are unbeatable and no one is able to catch them, the movie starts with the capture and exile of all fairy tale creatures. This is just the start of the reversal of fairy tales. When Lord Farquaad’s men try to capture Shrek (an ogre), he licks his finger to put out one of their torches and makes a monstrous noise then whispers to the men still standing there, “this is the part where you run away.” ( Shrek) He tells them what they are supposed to do as shown by the way other movies would view a screaming ogre.
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Andrews 2 After the incident, it is decided that the fairy tale creatures should be exiled to the swamp where Shrek lives. Shrek would rather live alone, and when the three little pigs, three blind mice, seven dwarfs, Tinkerbelle, Pinocchio, and others invade his privacy it sends Shrek to Lord
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Shrek - Andrews 1 Scott Andrews Mr. O'Shea Essay 1...

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