Origins Final Review

Origins Final Review - Origins Final Review Identifications...

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Origins Final Review Identifications: 1) Caesaropapism- Caesar had control over church. “State power over church” Charlemagne controls rules, pope protects. 2) Missi Dominici- 1. divided land into counties 2. Count put in charge of their county and made sure kings laws were obeyed. 3. Each County had a bishop seat and cathedral. 4. Consisted of a bishop and a count. 5. Bishop and count went to other counties UNANNOUNCED to see if laws were kept (included the poor) 6. Reported back to Charlemagne and if not obeyed went to county. Very Bad!! Significant because easier to make sure people followed the laws. 3) Caroline Minuscule- Ancient text under Charlemagne. Caroline meaning having to do with Charlemagne and Minuscule meaning small letters. Originally Merovingian script, hard to read and translated into Carolingian script. Important: easy to read and became the origin of our lower case letters. Our alphabet itself is roman, ROMANS USED ONLY CAPITALS. 4) Secular and Regular Clergy- Secular, priests, bishops, “minister to us”. Regular live by the rule (benedict), monks, work and pray. 5) St.Benedict- A. Sacrifice- lives in community by the rule. B. Moderate compared to lifestyle 1.Had meals, able to sleep in beds. Most did not survive at this time. Cruel and harsh time. 2. Pray and Work (Ora et Labora) 6 times a day and once at midnight. 6) Feudalism- “Those Who Fight” What- a political system in which the affairs of state are in the hands of local officials. Personal relationship between lord and vassal, division and subdivision of land. (Fief) 1. How Western Europe ruled itself 2. Affairs of state- Taxes, laws, and defense. Why-
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Origins Final Review - Origins Final Review Identifications...

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