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Chelsea Aragon Freshman Seminar D November 19, 2007 Multi-Draft #2 The Components of my Future Ideal Job A job is something one should enjoy and not see their everyday task as work, but as doing something they love and not getting caught up in their work. A job is something one does to earn a living. A career is something one chooses to make a living and enjoys doing. For example I am currently a waitress at Ruby Tuesday’s as a waitress and bartender; this is a job to help me pay for college not a career. I do not plan on being a waitress for the rest of my life and make a career out of it, though some of the people I work with this is their career. I am going to college to help further my career options in life. Many people in today’s society are working to pay the bills or doing something someone pushed them to do. One may not be happy with their work, but stay because of financial security. It is common today to find less and less people who are actually happy with their work and doing the things they love. If less and less people are doing what they love, then the people who are doing the jobs for financial security may not give it their all. As opposed to the ones who love their job and work to give it their all each and every day. Having a job that one loves what they are doing every day and not wondering how many years they have to retirement seems to be an important component when choosing a job. Components of my ideal job must include a challenge, something I love doing and a balance between work and leisure time. Money is an important aspect when 1
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choosing a job, but not the main priority in my opinion, I would rather be doing something I love every day than worrying about how much money I would make. Many people are not happy with their jobs, because they are not doing what they love. Kent Nerburn’s “Work” is a prime example of how your job is a calling and you should find a job that makes you happy because your job is a vocation and identifies you. If your job does not make you happy you will not be happy plain and simple. For example, a teacher of any type should enjoy their jobs each and everyday in stimulating young minds. One time I encountered a teacher who did not care and seemed to not love their job as much as the other teachers I had at the time. The teachers who loved their jobs I learned a lot from, but the teacher who seemed to hate their job I learned only a handful of things from instead of useful knowledge. This is an example of a teacher whose job did not make them happy inside the classroom environment. Kent Nerburn uses three examples explaining things one must not do when
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multidraft#2 - Chelsea Aragon Freshman Seminar D...

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