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Chapter 11 (Don Quixote received a hearty welcome from the goatherds. Sancho accommodated Rocinante and the Donkey, as best he could, and then he set off on a trail of the smell being given out by some chunks of goat meat that were boiling in a pot over the fire. Showing great goodwill, they invited Don Quixote and Sancho over to share their meal with them. After begging Don Quixote, with rough ceremony, to sit on an upside down bowl that they placed there for him. He did so and Sancho remained standing to serve him the drinking horn.)
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Unformatted text preview: DQ – “It is my wish that you should come and sit by my side” SP - “What a great honor, but if I had plenty to eat I’d eat it just as well or even better standing up. “ DQ - “You shall sit down all the same; for he that humbleth himself shall be exalted.” (Seizing Sancho by the arm he forced him to squat by his side. The goatherds just sat there eating in silence and staring at their guests who, with great elegance and even greater appetite, were stowing away chunks of meat as big as their fists. )...
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