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Unformatted text preview: • 24.333 ...Zeus took pity on Priam and sent his beloved son, Hermes, to guide the old man safely to the camp of the Akhaians (Achaeans) • 24.339 ...Argeiphontes (Hermes) obeys Zeus and goes to Priam so that he might ransom the body of his dead son, Hektor (Hector), from Akhilleus (Achilles) • 24.345 ...Taking his staff which wakens or mystifies mortals, Argeiphontes (Hermes) descended Mount Olympos (Olympus) towards Troy; he assumed the guise of a young nobleman and waited for Priam • 24.352 ...Priam’ herald sees the disguised Hermes waiting for them on the road • 24.360 ...The disguised Hermes speaks kindly to Priam and asks where he is going • 24.378 ...Argeiphontes (Hermes) confirms Priam’s suspicions that a god is helping him • 24.389 ...The disguised Argeiphontes (Hermes) deceives Priam by telling him that he is a henchman of 24....
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