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Sociology Quiz 2 Notes 4/9 Sex - biological whether you are male or female Gender - refers to social conceptions about what personality traits and behaviors are appropriate for members of each sex EX: hairstyle, clothes, occupation Sex and gender is very much relative to culture Wodaabe - Nomadic tribe in eastern Africa where men do the primping by putting on make-up and dressing up and women do the selecting Berdache - Men who dressed and lived as women and married men (homosexual relationships) and vice versa---thought to be the best teachers--- because had perspective of both roles Sex Ratio - The numbers of one sex relative to the numbers of the opposite sex Sex ratio imbalance - imbalance in numbers of each sex Female infanticide - systematic killing of female children because they are female - most often found in India and in China - people want male to carry on family name Notes 4/11 I. Sex and Gender cont. a. Sex Ratio Imbalance b. Areas of Inequality c. Video II. Family a. Historic and Social Context b. Polygamy Sex Ratio Imbalance 1. 2. Geographic Mobility: Immigration and migration that involves men leaving and women and children staying behind; California Gold Rush 3. Health and Diet: some societies have a practice where men and boys eat first and women and girls eat last- all you get is what is in the pot 4. Different Life Expectancies: aging issue, generally women live longer than men, primarily in industrial nations 5. War: societies usually send men and boys into combat
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Areas of Gender Inequality Include: 1. Education: historically in this country education was once closed to women, but is now open, and the number of women getting advanced degrees are going up and men’s aren’t; globally: in some parts of the world, women cannot receive education, some places it ends really early Afghanistan ends at age 8 2. Employment: women make $. 76 to every $1 men make- when you are comparing what men and women earn make sure you are comparing apples to apples- same type of job; even in professions that are historically women’s professions, men still make more money in these professions; male nurses 3. Health Care: women often face discrimination, you need to make sure women are getting the care they need, doctors fail to give women the tests they need because they think they are stressed, etc, but with men they give them the tests immediately; research not always equal 4. Home Life: Women- domestic, men- outdoors, breadwinner 5. Media: Inequalities are rampant and wide spread, the film industry women are only just now catching up with men, 1 st women to make $20,000 was Julia Roberts in Knotting Hill; the internet and video games- violent, there are fewer games geared towards girls 6. Politics: we still haven’t had a women president or vice president, we are really behind the world in other countries with having women leaders, only recently are more women going into these arenas 7. Domestic Violence: women are more likely to die at the hands of their spouse or
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socio_quiz2 - Sociology Quiz 2 Notes 4/9 Sex- biological...

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