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Name US 1100 Assignment #10 (Due October 31) Attend a University Cultural Event Your University experience will be enhanced considerably if you take time to experience the broad array of cultural events offered on campus. Assignment Requirement : Attend and report on a University Cultural Event such a musical, theatrical performance, art exhibit or even an athletic event. The following URLS provide a partial calendar of events: Fine Arts Calendar http://events.txstate.edu/we/cgi-bin/webevent.cgi?cmd=opencal&cal=cal3& . Wittliff Gallery http://www.library.txstate.edu/swwc/wg/index.html Athletic Calendar http://txstatebobcats.cstv.com/calendar/events
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Unformatted text preview: You may also attend an event not listed on these calendars. You may use your imagination, but limit yourself to on-campus or University-sponsored events. Why not attend an event with a classmate? To complete the assignment write a brief review of the event you attended . Your review should include the following: 1) Name, place, date and time and duration of event 2) Briefly describe the event – music, theater, art? 3) What did you see and/or hear? 4) Did you enjoy the event and would you recommend to a friend? 5) Attach a program from the event if possible. 6) Be prepared to tell the rest of the class about this event....
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