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Exercise E - makes the idea being sparked even more...

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Exercise E Ryan McCreary 10/29/07 Exercise E Example: As proposed by Cicero (106 BC- 43 BC), “Where is the dignity unless there is honesty?” Pride is a feeling that should not be felt when obtained at the hands of dishonesty and cheating. Despite the strength of his idea, Cicero’s proposition obviously never fell on the ears of Bill Belicheck, coach of the New England Patriots. After recently being caught videotaping other teams sideline signals, it was also discovered that the same cheating antics were used during Super Bowl XXXIX against the Philadelphia Eagles. It is a shame that an honest game was not played, otherwise I believe the city of Philadelphia would have had its championship draught ended. Reflection: Marshall Jon Fisher’s use of the quotation was a brilliant writing strategy. I have never been exposed to this style of writing before, and it caught my attention the first time I read it. The tactic of “sparking” a new idea through an unexpected quotation
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Unformatted text preview: makes the idea being sparked even more effective. The thought is introduced to the reader through the quote and then the idea is born through the general theme of the quote. I recently saw the quote by Cicero that I used for my paper and decided it would be perfect to display my dislike towards Bill Belicheck and how his team took away the championship from my team in the Super Bowl. I set up my idea with a quote about honesty and then attack Belicheck by citing the recent cheating scandals he has been involved in. I think the quote helped set up the sparking of the idea because the theme of dishonesty is broad enough to spark my opinion without giving it away to the reader. I enjoyed trying to imitate this style of writing and plan to use it in some of my next writing. I think techniques like Fisher’s elevate one’s writing to a new level. It makes the paper less straight forward and gives the style more of a feeling of mystery....
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Exercise E - makes the idea being sparked even more...

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