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Homework 2007_11_28 - Emily Ryan English 2020 Bobbie Ann...

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Emily Ryan English 2020 Bobbie Ann Mason’s “Shiloh” (2612-2622) 11/28/07 1. Describe Leroy and Norma Jean’s relationship during the years he was on the road. How does it change after he has his accident? When Leroy was on the road, his communication was not very strong with Norma Jean. He was not aware how much her mother came to visit or what she did in her spare time. She did not know that he did speed. Seeing each other used to be special, but now it is normal. Once he was back he wanted to reintroduce himself to Norma Jean because after so much time they seemed to have forgotten about each other. Leroy being home reminded them of Randy. The last time he was home for an extended period was when they first got married and Randy was born. 2. Give several ways in which the Moffitts’ traditional gender roles are reversed once Leroy retires from truck driving. Once Leroy retired from truck driving he had to do therapy for his leg. Norma
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