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Homework 2007_11_16 - 2 Give several examples to show the...

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Emily Ryan English 2020 Douglass’s Narrative , cont’d. (1038-45, 1048-59) 11/16/07 1. Include one quotation that describes the surprising psychological effect upon Douglass when he begins to read books and newspapers. How can you explain it? How would you have expected Douglass to respond? Douglass responded to reading the books and newspapers hate for his owners. He saw that they were smart enough to have to sensibility to see that slave owning was wrong, and yet they did not do anything to free slaves. In the book he read, a young slave said something smart and he was freed. He also felt an extreme hatred for himself for learning to read. He sees that ignorance is bliss and wishes he did not know what he does now. I expected him to want to then act against his owners with his new knowledge, not regret learning to read.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Give several examples to show the ways Douglass sees religion used to defend enslavement. Douglass speaks of a scripture that says “He that knoweth his master’s will, and doeth it not, shall be beaten with many stripes,” on page 1050. This was his way of defending people being beaten. His master related himself to God and then took the rights that are given to God in the bible as his own. 3. Find the passage in this section where Douglass describes himself at his lowest, most depressed moment and quote it. Name two people to whom he goes to get help. What surprising suggestion actually seems to work? 4. Describe Douglass’s confrontation with Covey. How does it prove to be another turning point in his enslavement? Why does Douglass think Covey decides not to retaliate?...
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