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Emily Ryan English 2020 Rappuccini’s Daughter 10/31/07 Compare Giovanni to Robin. How are they similar and/or different? Giovanni from “Rappuccini’s Daughter” shows a lot of similarities to Robin from “My Kinsman, Major Molineaux.” The most prominent similarity is that Giovanni, like Robin, is visiting a new town. They both are also looking for someone once they get to town; Robin for Major Molineaux and Giovanni for Baglioni. Also, they are both denied information from the townspeople. Robin is given negative sanctions for asking about Major Molineaux as is Giovanni when he asks people about Rappuccini and his daughter. While both people have a “town” for their nature, Giovanni has the garden as his nature which is portrayed at beautiful but it has its evils. Robin dwells on his family and that past even when he is in the city. Giovanni is a student of letter and therefore depends on the past. He, however, also takes action when he goes into the
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Unformatted text preview: garden once he finds out the entrance. Robin conforms somewhat when he laughs at Major Molineaux to blend in with the crowd. Giovanni is an individual in that he seeks out Beatrice, but he also conforms because he is a student and studies and follows that order. Robin shows insight when he does not go with the lady in red. Giovanni does not seem to show insight seeing as he cant see whats going on with Beatrice in the garden. He only sees what he knows already. Neither Giovanni nor Robin seem very materialistic. Giovanni seems this way because he studies to make himself better, and doesnt spend time doing things like eating. He is caught up in his studies, and later caught up in Beatrice, and doesnt care about material things. Both of these young men have parts of the American scholar in them, but not all....
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