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PAGE 19: SALES MANAGEMENT Choosing the right manager is a vital aspect in the success of failure of an overseas venture. This choice becomes especially important when venturing into a country where the corporation has had very little to no previous experience. When analyzing the Marshall Islands there are many factors present that allow for an easy decision with regards to the sales management positions. The Marshall Islands are only recently separated from US control. They gained their independence in 1986 but still rely heavily on US subsidization (CIA, 2007). The currency of the Marshall Islands is the US dollar, which results in negating the hassle that is associated with foreign assignments and money. As a result of all these factors being closely tied to the US, we suggest that the sales management team be Expatriates. They will easily fit in and will not have to learn another language because of the popularity of English. They will find it easy to adapt because the people of the Marshall Islands are familiar with the American people and there will be a minimal culture shock associated with this assignment. The benefit of using Expatriates will be apparent when they are able to communicate necessary changes to headquarters directly, not through a channel that would take time. An additional positive aspect of the expatriates is the glamour aspect that foreigners bring
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Project - PAGE 19 SALES MANAGEMENT Choosing the right...

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