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Homework 2007_10_01 - 2 What ethnographic details of his...

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Emily Ryan English 2020 Equiano 10/01/07 1. Compare and contrast Vassa’s narrative with de Vaca’s narrative, or with Mary Rowlandson’s narrative, or with Franklin’s Autobiography . What elements do they share? How are the two texts different? Vassa’s narrative in the beginning was strikingly similar to Mary Rowlandson’s narrative in the very beginning. Both saw the attack and kidnapping of people around them before they were taken. Also, both are
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Unformatted text preview: 2. What ethnographic details of his own culture does Vassa include? What message do you think he is sending to his reader by including them? 3. Find and quote passages in which Vassa demonizes his captors. Why does he do so? What other narrative uses this strategy? Are the two authors’ purposes the same (think about the audience for each text to answer this question)? Explain....
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