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Unformatted text preview: 12.2 12.3 17:05 16:47 150题题题题题 149题题题V2题192题题题V2题196题题题V2 12.4 22:07 176题题题V2V3题200题题题V3题151题题题V2题题题题题题题168题题题V2题178题题题V2题182题题题V2 12.5 12.6 12.10 18:05 20:53 21:40 178题题题V3题208题题题V2V3题187题题题V2题170题题题V2题207题题题V2 241题题题v2 164题题题题题题247题题题V2题题题题 12.12 16:44 163题题题V2题252题题题V2题168题题题V3题204题题题V2题题题题题题题218题题题题254题题题V2题题题题题 12.13 18:49 189题题题V2题题题197题题40题题208题题题V4 12.16 12.17 12.18 21:05 213题题题V2题155题题题V3 251题题题V2题题题题题题,205题题题V2 244题题题V2题257题题题V2题237题题题V2题165题题题V2 数数数数 数数 数数 数数 V1 149 151 [email protected] = (s+t)/t, ([email protected]) @ 0 =? PS V2 150 数数 DS 题题题题 [email protected] = (s+t)/s 题题题题题题题0题题 |X+Y| < |X| +|Y| 1题xy<0 2)x+y<0 V1 nail题题5s题pack题题90s题题题题1000题题pack题题2题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题 V2 题题题题题题题nails题题题题x题/y题题题题a题/b题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题3200题题题题题题 PS 题题题题题题题题题A题C题题B 题题题A=1题B=2题C=6题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题 152 PS 153 PS A 题题题3题题题题题题B题题题9题题5题题题题题4500题题A题B题题题题题题题题题 154 PS A题题题10题000题题题8题题题A题B题题6题题题B题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题 V1 155 PS 题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题1/2题题题题1/4题题题题1/8题题题题题题题a题题a题题题题题题题题题题题题 155 156 157 V2 题题题题,题题题题题题题题题,1/2题题题,1/6题题题,1/8题题题题,题题143题(题题题),题题题题题题题题题 V3 题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题143题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题 题题“题题题”theremaining!!题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题 PS DS 2X+KY =4题K=题1题line题题题0题1题题题2题line题题0题2题题 V1 X题even题1题X题题题 2题X题题题题36题factor V2 n题题odd题 题1题n题题题 题2题n题36题factor DS 158 DS X题题题题 1题X^2>X^3 2题X^3>X^4 159 DS n题even题 1题(n-1)(n+1) even 2) (2n-1)(2n+1) odd 160 PS 1998题x% greater than 1997, 1999 x% less than 1998, 1999 9% 161 PS 题题A题8题题题sum题38题题题题题题题题题B题8题题题sum题38题题题题题题题A题题题题题题B题题 162 DS 题题题122题 V1 163 3题题题题题题题题题题题x题y题题题题题题sum题题题题题题题x+1 = 5y题15≤x≤23题x=题 PS V2 题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题x=5y-1,题题题题题y题题题题x V1 164 DS V2 题题题题a题题题0题a题题题 -3b题题题1 b/a=b/3 题题2 b/a=1/3 164 DS V3 165 166 V1 100题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题% 1题number of red is 12/13 numb V2 题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题 1题题题3题 2题题题10题 DS PS x题题题题题12题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题d题题题 题题题题题题题题 1题a+b=5 2题a-b=3 167 DS 题题题 V1 168 169 PS V2 题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题20*2+18*2+4 V3 题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题18题题题题题题题题20题题题题题题题题题题题8题题题题题题题题 PS 题题题题commission fee题题$500, 题20%题题题30%题题题题题$800题题commiss V1 170 DS A题B题C题题题题题题174题 题A题题题题 1题C题题题180 2题median题177 170 171 DS V2 ABC 3题题avg hight 170. 题median? 1) A 167cm 2)B 170 cm V3 MS Q题题题题题题题题题1.7题题题题题题题题题题题题 (1) M题题题题1.65 (2) S题题题题1.7 PS 题题题题题题题题题 xy=8y题题题题题题题题题 A. x=8 and y=5 ... C x=8 or y=0 V1 172 A题range7题 B题range13题 AB题题题range题题题题题E.8 题题题题题题题13 PS V2 173 DS 174 PS 175 PS A题题题题7题B题题题题13题题题题题题题题题题题题题 题题题题题题题题8题20题40题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题possibility V1 176 177 178 PS V2 题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题10题20题40题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题 V3 题题题题题题题题题题题题8题10题20 V1 题题题题题题题题题x,range题x+8,题题题题题15题题题题题题 V2 题题题题题题题题题x题range题x+8题题题题题题15题题题题题题题题题题 V3 题9题positive题题题题 题题题题题15题 median题x题 range题median题8题题题题题题题 PS PS 1题β=61° 179 DS 180 DS 2题A<B<C 题A<60题 题题题题题PQRS题题题 1题PQ=10 2题题题题50 181 182 PS YZ 题题0题9题题题题题题题题Z5题1Y题题题题题题Z5题1Y题5题题题题题题题题题1Y题Z5题5题题题 V1 题题n题题题题题题 a. n题2^2*3^3*5^3题题题题题题题2^2*3^2*5^2 b. n题2^4*3^2*5^3题题题题题题题2^3*3^2*5^2 V2 题题n题题题题题题 JJ182题 a. n题2^2*3^3*5^3题题题题题题题2^2*3^2*5^2 b. n题2^4*3^2*5^3题题题题题题题2^3*3^2*5^2 题题题题题n题题2题3,5题题题题题题题 DS 183 PS 6题题题题题题题2题题题题题题题题题题题题题 题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题 184 DS 题题题题题|a|>1 题1题a^2-1>0; 题2题1/(1-|a|) <0 185 PS 题题题题题-16题题题题题题-3题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题 186 PS 题题题155题 187 188 V1 题题题题题题4题6题题题题题题题题题题题题题x题题题题题题题 题1题题题题3/4 题2题题题题题4题题2题 V2 题题题题 题题9,8题题 题题题题x题题题题题 1题slope=1/2 2题题题题题 题0,1题 DS PS 题题题题题21题15题题题题题题 题21题题题题题题题题题题题题15题题题题题题题题题题题题 V1 189 DS 题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题 题1题题题题题题 题2题题题题题题题题题题题3:1 题题题题题题题题题题题题题题 189 DS V2 题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题2/4题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题1 题题题<20 190 DS 题题题题题题 ax^2+2x+c, 题题题题题题题题 题1题c题题题题题 题2题a题题0.003 191 DS 题题题157题 192 193 V1 题题题题题题6题题9题题题11000pound题题50pound题gallon题题题题题题题题题题tons题 V2 题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题 11,000 pounds题题题题题题题题题题题题题6inch题题 题题题题题ton题Ton题pound题题题题题题题题题 V1 题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题radii题题2feet,题题4题题题题题题题题题题题题题题radii PS PS V2 题题题题题题题题题题题题题2feet题题题题题4题题题题题题题题题题题题题 194 PS 题题题题题题题题题题16 unites to 5 and 11 unites to -8 题题题题题unites.. 题题 195 DS 题题题题题题题题vary versely 题题题题题题题题题题题 1题题x x x题题题题 题xxxx题题6题题题题题题 2 196 197 V1 题题题题题题题123456题题题题题no replacement 题题题combination V2 题6题题题题题1-6题题题题4题题题题题题题题题题 PS DS 题题题40题 198 PS 199 DS 200 PS 题ab题题 1题b=a-2 2)b^2=-|a-2| V1 题题题题3题0题题题题题题-4题0题题题题题题题题题x题题题题题题 V2 题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题0题3题题题题题题题x题题题题题题-4题0题题题b题0题题题b题题题 V3 题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题0,3题题题题题题题题题题X题题题-4题0题题题题题题X题题b,0题题题b 201 PS 题题题题a题题题题题题题4k3题题题题*8+题题题*4+题题题*2题a=58题k=题题 202 PS 题题marching band题题题题题题题题题题a题b题题题题题题题题题题题题题题a题b题题题题题题题 203 204 V1 题题题题题early bird dinner题题题题题题题题题5题2题题题3题1题题题题题题题题 V2 题store题题题题题题题one of three kinds of meat , one of two kinds of xx V1 题题题题n+4)!, (n+1)!, (n-1)!, (题题题题题题题n+1题题题题题题题题题题题题题n-1) 120题 V2 题题题题题题(N+4)!,(N+2)!题(N-1)!题题120题题题题题题题题题题题题题N题题题 PS PS 205 206 207 208 V1 题题题题题题题题A题题题题1/5题题题题题B题题题题B题题题题1/4题题题题题A题题题题题B题题题题题题题题 V2 题题题题题题题题A题题题题1/5题题题题题B题题题题B题题题题1/4题题题题题A题题题题题B题题题题题题题题 PS 题x= y? 题题1题ax+by=8 题题2题bx+ay=8 DS V1 profit=revenue-cost, profit margin= profit/revenue. last year pro 10%, cost decreased by 10%, 题revenue题题题题题题 V2 Profit=Revenue-Expense , Profit margin=profit/revenue , last yea expense题题题10%题 题题题题题题revenue题题题题percent; V1 题题题题题pottery, 题题r题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题R题 R=12H题 H题题题题题题题题 V2 题题题题题r题题题 题题 题题题题题题题题题 题题题R题 题题H题 R=16H题 题H题题r 题题题题题题题题题 V3 题题题题题题题R题 题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题 题题题题题r , 题题H 题 题r=12H , 题H题题题R V4 题题题题题题题题r, 题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题题R=12H, 题题题H PS PS 209 PS 1-200题题题题题题题题题题题题题题LIST X题 题题题5题题题题题LIST Y题 题 LIST X 题 LIST 210 PS Anne题题题题题题r mile/h 题题题题12题题题题题题题 state boundary题题题题题题 S题 state boundary. 题题题题题 anne题state boundary 题题题 211 PS ps:s1=36, s2=152, 题题题题题题题题题题题188题题s3题题题题题题题题题题Sn题题题题 212 DS 题题题题a题4题题题题a题b题题题题题题题题题题题题1/3. 1. a题b题题题题题2题题题 2. 题题 V1 213 DS 题a/b>1/2? a题b题题题题题 (1) a/b-1>>1/2 (2)a-1/b>1/2 213 DS V2 题a/b>1/2? a题b题题题题题 (1) a/(b-1)>1/2 (2) (a-1)/b>1/2 214 DS 题题题题题3题题r题题题题题题题r? 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  • Spring '14
  • ApoorvaA.Khare
  • Math

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    As a current student on this bumpy collegiate pathway, I stumbled upon Course Hero, where I can find study resources for nearly all my courses, get online help from tutors 24/7, and even share my old projects, papers, and lecture notes with other students.

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    Kiran Temple University Fox School of Business ‘17, Course Hero Intern

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    I cannot even describe how much Course Hero helped me this summer. It’s truly become something I can always rely on and help me. In the end, I was not only able to survive summer classes, but I was able to thrive thanks to Course Hero.

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    Dana University of Pennsylvania ‘17, Course Hero Intern

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    The ability to access any university’s resources through Course Hero proved invaluable in my case. I was behind on Tulane coursework and actually used UCLA’s materials to help me move forward and get everything together on time.

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    Jill Tulane University ‘16, Course Hero Intern