Chapter 31 - Study Topics for Chapter 31 Election of 1960...

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Study Topics for Chapter 31 Election of 1960 1.Richard Nixon R. v. 2. John Kennedy D 2. (+) hero of WW2, (-) Catholic, he won b/c he was on tv and he was good looking as president, closest election in history. “corporate liberal” - ? Greensboro sit-ins – “direct action” Kennedy doesn’t support, sit-ins across the south, students sit in colored people were not allowed to sit at lunch counters at Woolwars SNCC – student non violent cc, younger grp Freedom rides – CORE Bus stations across the south core orders stop riding busses in the south, resulted in violent incidents. And had to call nat’l guard Birmingham – MLK chooses Birmingham b/c of Sherriff Bull Conner would overreact, all is on TV and fire hoses and attack dogs are called out on the marchers. Public support of civil rights movement increases. March on Washington, August 1963 Kennedy introduces civil rights equality, largest civil rights act with MLK famous Speech I have a dream Peace Corps introduced by Kennedy, most popular, gains support, sending younger people to developing countries to live among the people to promote capitalism Bay of Pigs Cubans flee to Fl. Train small grps to overthrow the gov in Cuba, Kennedy adds air support, but it fails and Kennedy denies it and he has to take it back because of incriminating evidence. Berlin Wall USSR built it, divided Berlin east and west to stop the flow of immigrants. Torn down in the 80’s Cuban Missile Crisis Kennedy issues ultimatum for Cuba to remove the missiles from cuba. Continues to set up missiles in Cuba. Invokes Monroe doc. – doesn’t allow missiles to be delivered and blockades Cuba, orders 185 ships and aircraft, military wants
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Chapter 31 - Study Topics for Chapter 31 Election of 1960...

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