Chapter 33 - Study Topics for Chapter 33 Gerald Ford April...

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Study Topics for Chapter 33 Gerald Ford – April 8, 1974 Nixon resins and Ford is sworn in: Ford appoints Rockafellar as VP (only Pres and VP to serve who weren’t voted in). Was a caretaker/custodial president, very popular, low key. Won’t have much domestic reform, popularity is hurt by recession. Nixon pardon - He wanted to win his own election in 76 but hurts his chances by pardoning Nixon of all crimes, is very controversial. Ford said he wanted to restore “integrity to D.C.” but contradicts himself with Nixon’s pardon. Ford argues that he pardoned Nixon to close the door on Watergate and to move on, and that Nixon wasn’t really off the hook. Helsinki Accords - Ford felt this was his best thing! Breshnev and 35 other head of states make resolutions which formalize European boundaries; idea that soviets would increase respect for human rights. Ford gets concessions from soviets to allow more freedom and democratic reforms. Jimmy Carter - Democrat from Georgia, had a great campaign, runs as D.C outsider as if not inside circle member: very religious. He wants to restore credibility, virtue and morality. No one really votes because of credibility loss, Carter ends up getting hurt from being a D.C. outsider cause he doesn’t know enough about congress and ends up surrounding himself by Georgia people and isolates democrats in D.C. so barely nothing ever gets passed. Unsuccessful forgein policy, we turn over control of panama canal, he increases relationship with China but our relationship with soviets worsens. 1980 Olympics - Soviets invade Afganistan, we concider this an expansion of communism, so carter punishes soviets by withdrawing from treaty but decides to scare them by boycotting the Olympics. considered Cold War Wars, very big competition Camp David Accords - Carter serves as negotiator between Israel and Egypt, signing of mutual peace treaty, other arab nations reject this accord. Iranian Hostage Crisis
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Chapter 33 - Study Topics for Chapter 33 Gerald Ford April...

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