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Sheet1 Page 1 the 50's all improvisers hard bop, small grp, and big band hard bop blacks in east coast. explored gospel and blues, slower tempos and dancing arranging challenging chord progessions more minor key, slowers tempos some was dancable and some was influes by latin america and carribian influences art blakey - drumbs horace silver pianist, jazz messenger hard bop- horace would write art blakey - vet of billy extine band - african dumbing influence, would play on side of drumb nickname was thunder horace silver - jazz gospel and blues, folk music of africa, monk and bud powel influes of boogy blues, composer over 100's bluesey the jazz messengers legacy - benny golson clifford brown - young trumpet long well devised lines. sonny tollins quintet - harlem tenner sax best of his day high level of impovising
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Unformatted text preview: cannon adderley - bluesye funkey style, leader of funkey style or soul jazz jimmy smith organ trio - organ trio, drums, guitar, most popular jazz artest in 1950's and 60's wes montgomery - thumb instead of pick, improvised in octaves, played in block chord style john coltrane - tenner sax. recorded two albus blue train interesed in improvising made john coltrane quartet, most influential quartet in jazz miles davis - trumpeter leader the 50' and 60' best know musian of this period classis miles davis quentet most talked about grp in the late 50's kind of blue - modal improvasion - on a singal chord. dont change at reg intervals, greatist...
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