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Sheet1 Page 1 cool jazz late 1940 leny tristano improv more controleld emotionaly, new york gil evans and miles davis john lewis roach on drums lea conits used new instuments french horn tuba wood winds dave brubick piano- not an era just a style at the time elements subdued sounds little or no vibrato arrangeed counterpoint, smoother tempo more relaxed miles daves nonet - recorded very important french horn trumbone and tuba woowinds, delicate subdued sound classical chamber music later retitles birth of the cool Lennie Tristano smoother and less abrupt changes- more controlled just as intense marshmello contrafact
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Unformatted text preview: Gerry Mulligan saxiphone moved to cali and Chet Baker - trupetist vocalist formed grp togeather no piano in grp when 2 melodies are played at the same time it is called counterpoint. best know cool jazz grps at the time west coast cool jazz dave brubeck - best know cool jazz north cali, dave bruband quartet, featured paul dezmond on sax. Modern jazz quartet - piano bass drumbs and vibrophone. Stan Kenton Orchestra - LA big band sound, artistry in rythom writen ryvell sometimes not very cool styled, string and french horn, large and faithfull following...
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