6. Sept. 16 - Newspapers, 9x more popular, associated press...

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Chapter 18 Rise of Cities 1. Domestic Migration – rural to urban; “Great Migration 2. Immigration – “nontraditional” sources of new immigrants Nativist groups – Know Nothings Problems and solutions for cities 1. overcrowding 2. transportation 3. fire 4. disease 5. poverty 6. crime Rise of City Bosses Rise of mass culture/mass marketing (growth of middle class) 1. ready-made clothing – department stores, catalogs 2. ready-made food – grocery stores 3. rise of organized spectator sports Rise of NCAA, bare knuckle boxing was very popular, 4. rise of participatory sports Golf, tennis, swimming, bicycle, croquet, polo, basketball 5. entertainment innovations - comedy, musicals theater groups , Ragtime , Vaudeville - talent show, traveling shows-wild west shows-minstrel shows , circuses Wriggling brothers and Barnum and Bialys. amusement parks - Coney island movies – 1 st movie birth of the nation, celebrity culture is generated dime novels – geared toward a specific audience.
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Unformatted text preview: Newspapers, 9x more popular, associated press 1 st one, – yellow journalism – developed by Joseph Pulitzer- exaggeration like nat’l inquirer , William Randolph Hearst magazines – ladies home journal time. Advertising – used to be like classified. many southern states will outlaw the teaching of evolution pragmatism- nothing is valid unless it can be proven in scientific theory. Sociology is born out of this. educational advancess – schools are owned and operated by the town. Most southern states have schools divided by counties. The huge proliferation of colleges and universities. New colleges and universities, prior to civil war only 3 colleges accepted women, now b/c they needed money the public universities now accepted women. The upper class women are well educated and nowhere to go, become the heart and soul of women’s movement....
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6. Sept. 16 - Newspapers, 9x more popular, associated press...

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