7. Sept. 16 - Grangers member of a grange run by local...

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Chapter 19 Political Parties Relatively equal in strength Party loyalty supreme Class, region, religion, all factors in party identification Rutherford B. Hayes – republican, but not rep. candidate Stallworts – radicals Half-breeds – wanted to reform the corruption. James Garfield - half breed pred nominee. Rags to riches. 3 months to die only pres for 7 months, is shot by a person who he denied a job. Chester Arthur – VP, becomes pres, after Garfield dies, stallworts introduces civil service reform. Grover Cleveland – win in close election, replaced 2/3 of office holders with democrats. Reduces tariffs. Benjamin Harrison – lost popular vote but won and lasted 4 years. Grover Cleveland won again. – served two terms non consecutively, took out tariffs. Sherman Anti-Trust Act 1890 – main act against monopolies, any trust is illegal if it restricts trade. Interstate Commerce Act 1887 regulates railroads, publish rates and file them to gov, prohibits discrimination between long hauls and short hauls.
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Unformatted text preview: Grangers member of a grange, run by local farming interests, social events and self help. Eventually in 1870 they try to get local and state representatives to their causes, non politicized by the 1880’s People’s Party – Populist Party – small farmers, wanted income tax, direct election on senators, nat’l banks and railroad, silver to be precious metal standard. They are political force. Panic of 1893 – second worse in history of US. Starts when railroads declare bankruptcy, unemployment lasts for 8 years. William McKinley – republican candidate, wins easily William Gennings Bryan – democratic candidate, seems radical DO NOT WRITE ON EXAMS I need to bring: pencil with eraser,Paper 1-60 pts 30 multiple choice questions- hard 2-20 pts Short answer each worth 4 pts do all 8 3- 20 pts Choose 1 reading for content. Well organized paragraph that she is looking for....
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7. Sept. 16 - Grangers member of a grange run by local...

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