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WWMethods - Clarinet worksheet answers - 1. Theobald Boehm...

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1. Theobald Boehm is associated with the fingering system of the clarinet and flute. (Boehm system) 2. The clarinet in present-day form was completed in 1850. 3. False. Playing range based on difficulty, not size of instruments. 4. True. All clarinet parts written in treble clef. 5. 6. Parts of the clarinet include: (1) Mouthpiece with ligature and cap (2) Barrel (3) Upper joint (4) Lower joint (5) Bell Accessories include: (1) Cork grease (2) Swab (3) Reed case 7. The bridge key is often bent because ring of second hole on upper joint is not held down when putting the upper and lower joints together. 8. The clarinet reed should be centered both at the tip and at the butt of the mouthpiece. 9. The screws of a traditional ligature must be on the bottom . For an inverted ligature, they must be on top . 10.The position of the bell should be corrected immediately and forcefully if the student is to make satisfactory progress playing the instrument. With many students, it is possible to hear the tone quality improve if they sustain a tone while moving the clarinet form the leg into the proper position. 11.Strategies to fix the head inclined downward fault: (1) Using a mirror, review correct playing position to establish 30-40 degree angle. (2) Have player sustain a moderately loud open G while moving head into proper position. (3) A few slow movements of the head from the inclined to the straight ahead position. 12. Guide Position: Fundamental position in which the fingers fall naturally into place and are completely relaxed without any tension in the wrists, arms or shoulders. 13.Rule for covering tone holes with fingers:
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WWMethods - Clarinet worksheet answers - 1. Theobald Boehm...

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