Sociology Exam 1 Study Guide

Sociology Exam 1 Study Guide - sociology: the scientific...

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sociology : the scientific study of society and human behavior (p. 6) -functions : refers to the beneficial consequences of people’s actions. -manifest functions— actions that are intended to help some part of the system -latent functions— unintended consequences that help social systems adjust. -latent dysfunctions— unintended consequences that undermine a system’s equilibrium. theory : a general statement about how some parts of the world fit together and how they work; an explanation of how two or more facts are related to one another (p. 14) structural functionalism : stresses that society is made up of various parts that, when working properly, contribute to the stability of society— macro level **In trying to explain divorce, a functionalist would look at how industrialization and urbanization both contributed to the changing function of marriage and the family** conflict theory : stresses inequalities and sees the basis of social life as a competitive struggle to gain control over scarce resources— macro level (p. 18) **Divorce is seen as the outcome of the shifting balance of power within the family. As women have gained power and tried to address inequalities in the relationship, men have resisted** symbolic interactionism : society is viewed as composed of symbols that people use to establish meaning, develop their views of the world, and communicate with one another; concentrates on the meanings that underlie people’s lives—usually focuses on the
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Sociology Exam 1 Study Guide - sociology: the scientific...

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