Pysch Study Guide 1 - Neuron Direction of neural...

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I. Introduction and Methods Psychology Neuroscience Cognitive Behavioral Pyschodynamic Descriptive Research Natural Observation Participant Observation Non- Participant Observation Normative (polls, test, surveys, etc:) Sampling Representative Experimental Research Control Group Randomization Independent Variable (Stimulus, “cause”) Dependent Variable (Response, “effect”, behavior Operational Definition Single Blind, Double Blind, placebo Experimenter Effects (bias) Correlation (Negative and Positive) II. Physiological Bases of Behavior
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Unformatted text preview: Neuron Direction of neural transmission Dendrites Cell Body (Soma) Axon Synapse Myelin Sheath Reflex Arc Diagram – Functional divisions of the human NS – Page 61 in text Hypothalamus, The Reticular Activating System Hippocampus and the Limbic System Corpus Callosum Major Divisions of the Cerebral Cortex III. Sensation & Perception Retina: Rods., Cones Thresholds: Absolute; Difference (j.n.d.) Sensory Adaption Dark Adaption Visual Cliff Cues for Depth Perception Muller-Lyer Illusion...
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Pysch Study Guide 1 - Neuron Direction of neural...

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