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george 3 - English – 18th Century Novel Professor Freeman...

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English – 18 th Century Novel Professor Freeman Research Paper 12/07/2007 Curious George the Third A young Prince of Whales named George was born in London on October twenty-fifth of the year 1738, he would rise to become King George III of the United Kingdom. King George III was the first ruler to be educated in math and science and is remembered primarily for two things: losing control of the American Colonies, and going mad. Under his reign Britain and Ireland united and Napoleonic France was defeated. George III is the Grandfather of Queen Victoria and great grandfather of the current Queen Elizabeth II. George III’s father was the Prince of Whales, and his grandfather was King George II. When George’s father the prince died, George became the heir apparent to the throne. On October tenth, 1760, with the Seven Years War well underway King George II died unexpectedly and when that happened Prince George became King George III. That same year the newly appointed King traded the exercise duties, the post-office and smaller branches of hereditary revenue (amounting in about 11 thousand pounds) to the Parliament, for a civil list which was worth 800 thousand pounds. However, this income was insufficient because he bribed so many
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supporters that he incurred debts over 3 million pounds which the parliament eventually paid off. Upon taking the throne King George wasn’t married and this was a problem because at that time a King had to have a Queen. The Duchess Sophia Charlotte was chosen for George III by his mother and a consortium of advisors. The first day they met was the same day they were married at the Chapel Royal,
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george 3 - English – 18th Century Novel Professor Freeman...

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