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History Final Review - History Final Review I. Short...

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History Final Review I. Short Essays: (50%) a. Western Civilization i. The “west” is a hard concept to define and no one has directly indentified a “western” civilization ii. Absence of political unity in western Europe complicates any definition of common structures iii. West Europeans couldn’t have identified a Western Civilizations in postclassical period but they would have recognized the concept of Christendom, along with some differences between their version of this religion and that of Eastern Europe iv. First definition of western civilization was religious 1. Some artistic forms associated with religion figured in v. Regional cultures varied and there was no linguistic unity vi. Cultural developments in one area spread quickly vii. Common social structures viii.Trade patterns joined parts of Europe ix. Civilization in Europe was not as coherent as say China x. Many members did not get along like English and French- often conflict xi. Until recently Europeans thought in terms of distinctive national histories not European ones xii. It is possible to define some common features that differed from neighboring civilizations xiii.Even when the civilization began to change it preserved some common directions xiv.Debate continues between Western and national features and how much West borrowed from others b. What happened to the Mayas i. Absence of abundant sources about what happened to them ii. Warfare was an early favorite explanation but archeological evidence does not support it iii. Soil exhaustion or degradation of land or possibly changes in water supply
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History Final Review - History Final Review I. Short...

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