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test two 1009 06 draft

test two 1009 06 draft - 1 Gerland/THTR 1009/Test TWO YOUR...

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Gerland/THTR 1009/Test TWO YOUR NAME: _____________________________ DIRECTIONS: Write your name three places: 1) above; 2) on page 7 (the fill-in-the-blank sheet); and 3) the Scantron form. This is very important as there are multiple versions of the test, and this way we can double-check to be sure that your test is graded with the correct answer key. (You will be given instructions at the end of the exam about how to identify which version you are taking). You must use #2 pencil for the Scantron form! Be sure to write/mark the bubbles for your student ID: if you don't know your student ID, write/mark the bubbles with zeroes. Choose the best answer from the options under each question and color in that bubble with #2 pencil on your Scantron sheet. A/B/C 1/11/31. During which century did the French playwright Moliere live? a) 1500s XXb) 1600s c) 1700s d) 1800s 2/12/32. True or False. Shakespeare was not just a playwright, he was also an actor. XXa) True b) False 3/13/33. True or False. Most of the action in All That I Have Lost took place upstage of the proscenium arch. a) True XXb) False 4/14/34. What is the most important "commandment" to remember when attending the theatre? a) Thou shalt not leave until the end b) Thou shalt not block the view of others XXc) Thou shalt be open and attentive to the events on stage d) Thou shalt be courteous 5/15/35. The action of A Doll House takes place during which holiday season? a) Midsummer b) Easter c) New Year XXd) Christmas 6/16/36. Which is a more "presentational" style of theatre: CU's production of All That I Have Lost , or Ibsen's A Doll House ? XXa) The style of theatre seen in All That I Have Lost is more presentational b) The style of theatre seen in Ibsen's A Doll House is more presentational 7/17/37. This is a "key term" referring to a person's ability to understand and identify with another's situation to the extent of experiencing that person's emotions. a) Sympathy b) Pity c) Aesthetic Distance XXd) Empathy 8/18/38. Approximately when was linear perspective invented? a) 1310 b) 1350 c) 1390 XXd) 1410 1
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A/B/C 9/19/39. Why is the invention of linear perspective important for the development of European theatre? a) It led to the invention of the camera b) It increased the popularity of commedia dell'arte c) It triggered the development of Spanish golden age theatre XXd) Along with the Roman arch, it led to the development of proscenium arch theatre 10/20/40. In the production papers written for this class, you answer the following questions: "What is the artist trying to do?," "How well has the artist done it?," "Is it worth doing?" This approach to play analysis was offered by whom? a) Sigmund Freud b) Aristotle XXc) Johann Wolfgang von Goethe d) Henrik Ibsen 11/1/11. Into how many parts did Aristotle divide a play's elements? a) Eight XXb) Six c) Four d) Three 12/2/12. According to Aristotle, this term refers to the unified arrangement of incidents in a play.
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test two 1009 06 draft - 1 Gerland/THTR 1009/Test TWO YOUR...

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