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Andrei Casali 10/23/06 writ 1e Summary A boy, inside a store, wants to get a toy gun to play at being a cold-blooded murderer of people. That is the boy’s idea of fun. His excitement for playing the horrific character is much worse than historical atrocities such as the holocaust or the atom bomb. At least both of these were extensions of familiar yet sometimes honored insanities. The boy is not committing a crime, yet who can say if it is better to let the kid play, or to stop him from doing so. It doesn’t matter if he actually buys the gun or not, the desire to play that character is already there and will manifest itself with or without a
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Unformatted text preview: gun. Some would blame TV for being to violent and producing these behaviors on children, but violence is not only on TV, it is everywhere and manifested at every level. This is what has become of the 20 th century. What is really horrible is that the boy is doing this by instinct, because he is so accustomed to live in an environment where violence is present. We could try to stop the way the world is headed, but that won’t change what has already been done to this child and to all others. The only thing we can do is wish the best for them....
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